About Cupcakenation

Cupcake Nation began in February of 2016 as a result of a single person's obsession with baking and serving people with deliciousness. Today it has grown into an massive community of 20,000+ baking enthusiasts and sweet-tooths who not only help each other grow but keep pushing the limits of this wonderful art-form every single day. Through our workshops, we shared our receipes and techniques with hundreds of people and it has helped many people start an alternate career altogether.

A Word from the founder

Hey There! I am Athashri - A software engineer turned self-taught baker, cupcake artist and an educator. Along with baking, my passion is teaching others how to make a living 'baking' what they love.

I didn't always have this business, the clients and the courses. In fact a few years back you would have found me working 9-6 behind a desk for 5 days a week exhausted by the end of the day. I believed that was what I was destined to do for the rest of my life after completing my software engineering. Until one day I quit my job and stumbled upon the world of baking.

The flavours, colours and the textures are what intrigues me the most about baking. Being a self taught I like to keep my baking simple and fun. Follow me on instagram to see my journey behind each of my creation. Now I am teaching you all my secrets. Learn my cupcake, cake recipes which are very simple and techniques which will get you tonnes of appreciation at any celebration, birthday or even for a wedding/engagement party.

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